3 Best Propane Fire Pit Tables – Including Buying Guide

Many people from the cold places in the U.S. have an attraction to the best propane fire pit tables. However, some of them get the best ones. But, the rest of the people suffer because they don’t have enough knowledge.

Therefore, we’ve compiled this complete article in which we’ve discussed TOP 3 best products.

You’ll get to know that these products differ from one another in several aspects. It is due to their preference and customer reviews and some other major aspects.

But, they all are the best propane fire pit tables available on Amazon. So, without discussing too much here, let’s get started.

More importantly, to give some knowledge about propane tables, we’ve also written a buying guide. You can consider the tips written to outperform with your buying skills.

Top 3 Best Propane Fire Pit Tables – In Depth Review

Now, we’ll take you to the best propane fire tables on the market. All of them have different specifications, features and storage options, but all the reviewed ones are the best ones.

You’ve to go through every product, match it with your preferences and make a purchase. Isn’t it a easy looking task?


1.    Outland Living 410 Series

best propane fire pit tables
In the world of fire tables and outdoor living, Outland has a major role. Because they produce high quality products for backyards and backwoods with extreme consistency.

The Outland Living 410 features a rectangular shape that can easily adopt any backyard. It’ll draw attention of every friend and guest with its beautiful design and coffee color. Further, its UV HDPE will protect the table and fire system from rain and will last longer.

Moreover, it comes with a spark ignition push button that allows easy control with 100 percent variable flame height.

When it comes to the glass, it has an integral Arctic ice decorative glass and a 3 ft hose with a regulator. Similarly, the Outland 410 Series also consists of an 8 Millimeter tempered glass table-top.

You can also store the propane gas tank within the tank with its large storage option. More importantly, it can generate up to 42,000 BTU, so sit back and enjoy the parties.

At last, its total dimensions are 36 x 36 x 24.5 (L x H x W) and its total weight is 83 pounds.

  • Square size that can fit almost everywhere
  • 42,000 BTU
  • Features UV water resistant cover
  • Easy access and propane tank storage
  • A bit costlier


2. U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

best propane fire pit tables
As its name suggest, the U-Max table consumes propane gas. Therefore, you’ll experience a smokeless and ash-less fire. You’ll also get amazed because it produce up to 50,000 BTU.

Also, it comes with a push button ignition system for a easy and convenient use. Moreover, you’ll see a 304 stainless steel control that increases the life span of the table.

Like the previous product, it does consists of all necessary tools and detailed assembly with directions.

You can enjoy its warmness for years because the brand creates these products with strong and durable PE rattan.

Further, its frame contains aluminum as primary material that is water, heat, and rust resistant. More importantly, its total dimensions are 44” x 28” x 25” and its glass thickness is 0.3”.

At last, it has a hidden space for propane fuel tank.

  • Strong water resistant material
  • CSA Certified
  • Strong and beautiful white decorative glass stone
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sometimes the copper wire breaks during assembly


3. Endless Summer Blue Rhino

best propane fire pit tables
When it comes to liquid propane tables, you’ll find Blue Rhino at the top of the list. Similarly, it consists of strong steel structure that will last many years.

Further, with its 30” all handcrafted resin twin panel, you can conceal the heat source. Also, it enhances the style and gives an aesthetic look to the table.

Generally speaking, it produces 30,000 BTU, and you already know that these type of fire tables doesn’t produce ash. Also, it features a hidden control panel that increases the worth of the table.

With this modern and square table the brand also includes an easy to operate control system.

The blue Rhino comes in Lava rock color that is water and rain resistant. Therefore, you can enjoy every party for seasons. At last, the overall height of the table is 2feet 3 inches.

  • Easy to use
  • Smokeless and Ash-less
  • Value for the money
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Doesn’t include glass stone
  • Some customers experienced a rust surface after sometime

Factors To Remember Before Buying The Best Propane Fire Pit Tables – A Complete Advisory

You may experience some hurdles before buying the best propane fire pit tables. There’s a chance as well that you may go with the wrong one.

So, therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some major advices for you in order to get the best product.

Further, you’ve to remember all these important factors before buying your next fire pit table.

How to start a fire pit Table?

Fire pit tables are large in size as compared to fire pits. Similarly, you’ll need a propane tank instead of wood to run it properly.

You’ll see the tank attached under the table and connected to burner with a hose.

In fact, propane powered grill and propane fire pit tables have the same process of running. Because you’ll need to push the electricity starter button to start both of them.

Fuel Type

The most crucial factor to consider before buying a fire table is what type of fuel it consumes. In fact, you can select a table that swallow wood.

But, if you want to control the heat output, then buying the best propane fire pit tables will be an act of greatness.

However, if you don’t to create carbon footprints with propane, then you can go with a table that burns ethanol. But, you also know that it’s a costly mineral.

Extra Storage For Fire Table Propane Tank

You’ll see many propane fire tables have a tank next to them, that reduces their ergonomic look and need space too.

Therefore, all the best propane fire pit tables we’ve reviewed comes with a separate tank keeping space. So, they’ll add more value and aesthetic look to your home décor.

All the tables also consists of a tube to have an easy attachment of the tank. Moreover, you’ve to keep in mind that brands sell propane tanks separately.

Output Heat:

You know that people in the U.S. measure heat in BTU(British Thermal Unit). As well as, you’ll need about 30,000 BTU or above according to your climate zone in order to keep yourself warm.

In fact, all the above mentioned products generate 38,000 BTU to 50,000 BTU. So, to keep yourself warm, they are the recommended ones.

Recommended Size of A Propane Fire Pit Table:

Usually, fire tables are a bit larger than fire pits. They also don’t need space for storing woods in the backyard, that can go into wastes after a hit by rain.

In fact, you can burn the fire on a table in couple of minutes.

Now moving towards the size, many makers include safety guidelines with the product. So, that you can easily position your fire table.

Similarly, you’ve to get the perfect size table that safely fits in the available space.

On the other hand, if you buy a large table according to the available space you’ve, then it can increase the chance of fire.

Moreover, the experts recommend a 2 feet table for small yards, and a 4-foot fire pit table for larger area.


Since there are many brands, they all use different material to make fire pit tables. The most used material is fiberglass, stone, copper etc.

You need to consider only one facet. But before making a decision, you’ve to go through every aspect of the table.

More importantly, you can get a robust table made of copper, but it’ll cost you more. Instead, you can also go with cast iron. Although its strong too but heavy.

At last, we only suggest buying the best fire pit tables to our viewers, that meets all the needs.


Many people keep fire tables in their backyard for one or more seasons because they’re large and heavy.

So, therefore, we ensure that the one we’ve reviewed have robust construction to stand in rain.

After that, some brands also include a cover with their product, that enhances their value.

The Versatility

Many of us think that a pit table is only used for social gatherings. But, you’ll came to know that some products can serve more.

Similarly, many people also thinks, a table that produces more heat is the best. But, according to us, a fire pit table that coverts into a normal table during normal days is the best. So, you can use it as a picnic table.

Moreover, you’ll get amazed after viewing that some models have a cooking feature as well. We recommend going with the one that can come handy in a lot of situations.

Some Other Major Considerations:

We know that you’ll consider a product that fits in your home décor, but also keep its small parts as well.

In addition, also check if it features a decorative glass stone, or you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Secondly, measure the area of table, so you know that how many people can fit around it.

Lastly, you can also view the sides of table to get to know that the table is large enough to safely hold a beverage.


In the market, you can easily get a $100 fire pit table. But, we recommend to with a fire table that cost between $200 to $700.

Similarly, if you can spend more bucks on a quality product, then you can go with a table of $2000.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing and giving some tips of buying the best propane fire pit tables, we think we had done our part.

Now, what you’ve to do is, thoroughly study all the products. Like one of them, and buy. Boom its so easy peasy.

You’ll get to know that we’ve recommended our best pick below. If you struggled to select on your own from above list, then you can consider the below one.

The U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is our top pic, because it comes with all accessories you’ll need to enjoy the cold weather.

At last, we want to thank you for reading up till the end and choosing our advices and recommendations for buying the best propane fire pit tables. Happy winter!

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