Top 5 Best Small Wood Burning Stoves of 2024 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Nowadays, it is difficult to find the best small wood burning stoves in this world of technology because everyone prefers to buy an electric stove instead of a wood stove.

Therefore, you’ll not see competition between brands, which offer wood stoves. It means this industry is too small that only the best brands can stay and withhold their position.

Moreover, after too much research, we’ve gathered some critical information about the wood stoves. We have created a cheat sheet for you to follow along in the journey of buying the best small wood burning stove.

What you have to do is to read the features and note down all the information. Then look at your budget, preferences, and buy the best small wood stove for your house.

The Top 5 Best Small Wood Burning Stoves – In-depth review

Best Pedestal Stove

Since there are not many brands present on Amazon, who offer the best small wood burning stoves, but the Ashley does.

The manufacturer creates the body of these stoves with alloy steel to make it a robust model.

Moreover, the Ashely 3200 E-P has the ability to produce up to 152,000 BTU/hr. And its average emission rate is according to the EPA’s new standards at 1.32g/hr.

Similarly, this wood stove is ideal for 3,200 square feet.

On the other hand, this stove successfully maintains the same reliability and futuristic look.

Furthermore, its long chamber can accept  logs up to 22 inches in length and holds up to 30lbs. of wood. Its brushed nickel door handle and pedestal base provides an elegant look to any room.

More importantly, the brand offers warranty from the customers’ service.


  • Heating power up to 152,000 BTU/hr
  • Durable and strong allow steel body
  • Up to 10 hour burn time
  • Value for the money
  • You may find it hard to move from one place to another due to its heavy weight

Best Pellet Wood Stove

The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 has the power to heat up to 2,000 sq feet because it can produce 42,000 BTU/hr.

Moreover, this 110 volt Pallet stove features a removable ash pan. You can remove & empty it or use this bi-annual ash pan as a shop vac.

Furthermore, it comes with a 47 pounds hopper capacity. And this carbon black EPA-certified stove also features a setting range of 61°- 84°.

With a large viewing area and a Bay design, you’ll also get a 1-Year warranty on parts.

More importantly, you’ll also have to buy an exhaust pipe kit from the brand to get started.

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Alloy steel body
  • Easy to install
  • High quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Lazy fire
  • Can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico


Tent Stove Camping Wood Burning Stove with Chimney

When it comes to outdoor cooking and emergency preparedness, you’ll find the Fanwer Stove top of the line in the U.S.

Similarly, you can bring this titanium stove for camping and hunting because of its lightweight.

No matter if you don’t have access to gas, because this stove uses wood, charcoal, or solid biomass as fuel.

In contrast, the stove provides the best efficiency and heat output while using charcoal instead of wood.

More importantly, it features a fully insulated combustion chamber, which forces the gas to mix with the flames. It helps in decreasing harmful emissions while running on high fuel efficiency.

At last, it gives you the versatility to bring it everywhere because it only weighs 12 pounds. And the total dimensions of the Tent Stove are 11” x 11” x 12.5” (L x W x H).

  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Easy to carry; portable
  • Stainless steel
  • No warranty available on parts


nCamp Stove Plus Multi-Fuel Camping Stove

Suppose you want a perfect camping stove, excellent in all aspects, the weight, heat output, and everything. Then, the nCamp is your final destination.

Similarly, the brand offers the flexibility of fuel consumables. It means that this stove has the ability to run on any fuel.

The stove also works well with ISO-Propane (including the adapter), Alcohol, Wood, and biomass.

On the other hand, the nCamp stove consists of an intelligently designed combustion chamber. It allows the stove to create a Venturi effect for reliable and fast heating.

Furthermore, with its stainless steel and aluminum body, you can carry it to any adventure without hesitation. And it only weighs 1.9 pounds with the total dimensions of 6.5” x 9” x 1.5” (L x W x H).

  • Multi-fuel stove
  • The best combination of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Buy, Love, and return Policy
  • Sturdy base
  • Slightly heavier than it should be



When it comes to multipurpose stoves, you’ll find the TAFEIDA ROCKET Stove at the top of the list.

The rocket stove comes with a robust side handle, which allows you to move it here and there easily.

In contrast, it is multipurpose because you’ll have the choice to install its legs or not according to your needs. Moreover, if you want to use this stove on flat and solid ground. Then you can use it without installing the legs.

But if you want to use it on any soft surface like grass, then you’ll need to install its legs for better results.

Although you also don’t have to worry about your lawn grass. Because it stands still on the grass and also keeps a distance from the grass.

Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable 360° rotatable air inlet port. It allows you to adjust the amount of fire according to your needs.

The TAFEIDA Stove consists of a 45° inclined inlet. This feature allows you to add fuel more comfortably.

More importantly, it also comes with an opening cooktop. So that you can place flat and round-bottom pots & pans. And this ergonomic design doesn’t pressurize the flame, which results in more fire.

At last, with its 12.91 pounds weight and 12.99” x 8.27” x 22.83”, you can carry it anywhere and use it anywhere.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Not heavy on pocket
  • Best for backpacking
  • Best for outdoor activities
  • Easy to transport
  • Legs main feel hard to screw


What To Consider While Buying Your Best Small Wood Burning Stove – A Complete Buying Guide

While buying the best small wood burning stoves, most people make major mistakes because they don’t know the size, type, and area to keep warm with the stove before buying one.

These can lead to a big or small loss of money. Or it can’t give us the maximum level of satisfaction.

Similarly, it is not only for the wood burning stove, but it is also necessary to research before buying anything.

Because the internet is full of information, therefore, it is possible you find some people who had the same issue. And they posted the cure or information for your concerned problem.

So, in this way, you’ll get the best product or service according to your needs.

Furthermore, we know that you came here to get some guidance and a straight path to get your best small wood burning stove.

Look out at these simple yet effective tips if you want to save your time, money and get maximum satisfaction.

How can you Use A Stove Effectively?

You can use a small stove in many climates and environments, including tiny homes, cabins, tents, workshops, etc.

The first thing you’ve to do is, look at the place which you want to heat. Secondly, do you want to keep burning the stove the whole night?

To overcome these questions you’ve to follow some guidelines.

  • The size of the stove and the firebox as well.

Moreover, if you want to warm the place for a short span. Then, a small stove will be the best possible option.

Similarly, if you wish to keep the stove hotter for a long time or overnight, then you’ll need to grab a larger stove, which has the ability to hold more fuel.

Relationship Between The Size of Home and Required Heat Output of a Stove

The heat output plays the role of how much heat a small stove can pump out. In other words, it defines how powerful a furnace is, which can meet your satisfaction level.

You may know that the unit for measuring heat is BTU(British Thermal Units) per hour.

Therefore, if the BTU is high, it indicates that the stove can generate a high amount of heat per hour.

Furthermore, you’ll get to know that 3400 BTUs are also known as one kilowatt.

Now, the question arises, How much power do I need to warm or heat up my room constantly?

To overcome this question, you’ve to follow some essential factors.

  • The average climate around your house
  • Size of your home; room
  • Insulation efficiency in your house; room

Similarly, you may find it hard to calculate insulation efficiency. Therefore, we’ve provided a link below to check the insulation efficiency of your zone.

Note down the suitable BTU of your zone and multiply it with the total square feet of your home.

Meanwhile, it is important that you find the best estimate of your BTU needs.

Averagely, a 400 square feet home with proper insulation needs no more than 20000 BTUs.

Size And weight of the stove

Like the heat output, you’ll need to take care of the size and the weight of a wood stove because most of the tiny houses have the same size as the trailer.

So, you’ve to ensure that the new device you want to keep in the house has a maximum weight of 100-300 pounds.

Meanwhile, after searching the market, you’ll get to know that it’s the average weight of even mini wood stoves.

Similarly, a big stove would be a headache for you as well. Because it’ll turn into something annoying.

Now the question arises, which size to consider?

The experts recommend a wood stove, which is the same in the firebox’s cubic size.

Because a small-sized firebox means you’ve to feed it regularly to keep it alive.

At last, make sure you’ve enough room to keep the woodstove out of any damage. Or possibly keep it on the ground when you move your tiny house.


The size and weight plate an important role if you have to move the stove frequently.

And if you’re a hunter or camper, you must look for a relatively small and lightweight stove, also easy to assemble.

Meanwhile, you’ll get happy because we have concluded all the best small wood burning stove in our today’s topic.

Capacity and duration

These specifications define how much BTUs a stove can generate per hour.

And we think after reading the above details, you got some information about the wood burning stove.

Meanwhile, these settings have a direct impact on the size and weight of the stove.

Similarly, you can easily get this information in the product details of a wood stove. But, before buying a wood stove, kindly check to get a hassle-free experience.

Single Or Multi Fuel Stove

While roaming in the market, you’ll get to know about two terms about a wood burning stove (single fuel) & (multi-fuel).

Now, it is possible you get confused, what these terms mean and which one works the best?

We’ll give you a simple and straightforward explanation for both of these.

Single fuel

As their name suggests, a “single fuel” stove can run on only wood.



And the “multi-fuel” stove can burn other kinds of fuels as well. The fuels include coal, peat, and turf, etc.

Similarly, it also has the ability to burn smokeless fuels, which includes Homefire Ecoal 50 and other fuels.

Meanwhile, smokeless fuels produce less smoke and CO2, which helps them produce more heat and last longer.

Furthermore, these two types differ not only on the fuel they need to run on. But, the “grate” is also an advantage in multi-fuel wood stoves.

You’ll also get to know that the single fuel wood stove produces ash. And there’s a possibility that it may harm the environment.

Whereas, multi-fuel wood stoves come with an in-built grate. This feature enables a constant airflow, which a stove needs with the other types of fuel.

Now, there comes another doubt, which one do you need to meet the requirements?

You will be fine with a single fuel stove most of the time. But if you want versatility, then you can go with a multi-fuel wood stove.

Finally, if the wood isn’t always available in your area, then buying a multi-fuel wood burning stove will be an intelligent move.

Freestanding Stove vs Fireplace insert

Freestanding stove

Wood stove insert

Freestanding stove and fireplace insert are the two common types of wood stoves.

You can install a freestanding stove without a masonry fireplace, like a tile floor or a hearth pad.

Similarly, these are available in many varieties, including low to the floor with tiny legs and hanged on a pedestal.

Whereas you’ll find it more effective if you integrate a wood heater entirely into a fireplace insert.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

The efficiency has a direct relation with the wood. Because the higher the efficiency of a stove, the less it will consume wood. And it’s better for the environment as well.

Moreover, the old days wood stoves were inefficient, and they wasted a lot of wood. Therefore, many manufacturers don’t list efficiency as a result.

In simple words, if your stove has EPA listed efficiency of over 70%, then it’ll be a great choice. Because, the more efficient, the less waste it’ll produce.

Accessories to run a Wood Burning Stove

Nowadays, many manufacturers sell the whole package and essential items with the stove. And the items include a stove-pipe, ash scraper, and a spark arrestor as well.

Moreover, many stoves need a hot water tank or an oven as well to run correctly.

You have to check the extra features and accessories the brand is offering with the best small wood burning stove.

Stove Finish

Nowadays, most of the brands paint small stoves at high temperatures.

Similarly, if your one comes without paint. Then, you may need to burn the stove outside to get rid of the paint smell.

Meanwhile, its often seen that some users burn the original paint and repaint the stove with high-temperature paint.

Final Thoughts

After roaming in the market and too much hard work, we had finally created this list of the 5 best small wood burning stoves available in the market.

Meanwhile, we also included a buying guide to let you know what factors to remember while buying a best small wood burning stove. Now, in the end, I’ll leave with my two best recommendations.

If you’ve a tough budget, and you also need to buy a stove, then nCamp Stove Plus Multi-Fuel Camping Stove will be the best option available.

Similarly, if you can spend some more bucks to fulfill your need for a wood burning stove. Then buying an Ashley Hearth wood burning stove will be a smart move. Because it’s the most efficient best small wood burning stove on our list.

In the meantime, these are my best bets; you may like another stove from the list. But according to my research, these two are the best small wood stoves on the list.

Finally, our wish is to find the best small wood burning stoves that fulfills all your needs in the best possible way. And also, a bundle of thanks for reading up till the end.

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