10 Best solar powered attic fans in 2024

In the summer, an attic can be an unbearable place to be. Installing the best solar powered attic fans is one of the best solutions.Warm air rises, making your home even hotter. Meanwhile, the hot sun beating down on your roof all day long can also make for a very uncomfortable environment.  These fans are more effective than standard electric versions because they consume less power and don’t add extra heat to your home.

However, not all attic fans are created equal. There are both powered and un-powered versions you can choose from. Depending on your specific needs and budget, you might want to consider some other factors before making a final decision on which solar-powered attic fan is right for you.
In this ultimate guide we’ve put together everything you need to know before buying the best solar attic fan.

Best solar powered attic fans


iLIVING HYBRID Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan – Top Pick

Our top pick in best solar powered attic fans is from iLIVING. It is 14 inches solar hybrid ready roof mount exhaust fan. This smart solar attic fan is a best choice for cooling your home.

What we like about it?

To save you big on your cooling bills, this solar roof fan is equipped with powerful 20W adjustable polycrystalline solar panel and is IP68 waterproof. Its fan blade is made with nylon-fibre aluminium fan blade and is 1750 CFM.

Its smart thermostat offer wide range control of 50 to 122 °F and its enable/disable feature allows to control the fan.

This solar roof fan has brushless motor and has cooling capacity of 2,000 sq.ft, which is great. This solar exhaust fan is AC & Hybrid version. It has solar absence operation feature that enables non-stop running without solar power. Its AC/DC power adapter helps making use of grid electricity to support solar fan non-stop running during the sunless period.

The ventilator comes with an optional remote ON/OFF switch which is sold separately. This solar attic fan is ready for the following add-on features:

  • Non-stop running AC power supply
  • On/off switch
  • Screen guard

Note: all these add-on features are sold separately.

How it works?

best solar powered attic fans
Source: User Manual

Switch is on I

When the switch is set to I, it indicates that the thermostat is disable. Fan will turn on, when the sunlight is available, regardless of the ambient temperature.

Switch is on O

When the switch is to O, the thermostat is enabled. Fan will turn on when the temparature reaches to the set temparature and sunlight is present.

Fan will stop running if set up to 122ºF.

  • Easy to install
  • Has temparature control
  • Non-stop day/night running
  • Durable
  • AC/DC adapter kit needs to be purchased seperately
  • On/off switch and all other add-on features needs to be purchased seperately

Quietcool 4o watt solar powered roof mount attic fan – the best in the industry

What we like about it?

QuietCool’s 40 Watt solar powered roof mount attic fan is the perfect solution for your home. It offers the largest panels at an affordable price. This solar roof fan includes 40 watt solar panel, AC/DC invertor and a preset thermostat. Its ultra-energy efficient, DC motor that provides constant airflow for up to 24 hours on a single day of sunlight. The included preset thermostat allows you to customize the temperature range and monitor the indoor humidity levels. With its included AC/DC inverter, this fan is also operable even when there is no sun or when the power grid goes down (perfect for those pesky hurricanes).

How does it work?

  • The solar roof mount attic fan is installed
  • Plug in AC/DC invertor and solar attic fan
  • Wait 24 hours and your attic will temperature will be cooled and maintained within 10 degrees of outside temperature

When there is sunlight outside, the fan will run only on solar power being powered by the large solar panel on the fan. When there is no sunlight, such as at night, the fan will switch to AC power and continue to run throughout the night. This allows you to take advantage of cooling your attic during the coolest part of the day. Simply mount the solar attic fan to your roof and plug in the inverter to enjoy 24/7 cooling and ventilation in your attic.

  • Easy installation – simply plug and play
  • AC/DC inverter and built-in preset thermostat that allows you to keep your attic cool 24/7
  • Keeps attic within 10 degrees of outside temparature
  • Save up to 30% off AC bills
  • Brushless DC motors are a revolutionary benefit that lets our fans push more without using more.
  • At lower and variable speeds, you can hear a slight hum


Remington 40 Watt Solar Attic Fan with thermostat, humidistat – Best at weather resistance

What we like about it?

Reduce your energy bill and fight moisture damage (fueled by sun) with the 40 watt solar attic fan.
It is a fact that attics can reach up to 140+ degrees in the summer months; it’s no wonder you dread paying your energy bill during July.

Remington Solar Attic Fan could EASILY lower your energy consumption!
This solar powered exhaust fan is powered by free solar energy, so you can forget about expensive electric bills. The thermostat and humidistat allow for automatic automatically changes airflow based on your attic needs.

Like other best solar attic fans, it includes adapter that allows running at night, whent the sun is not shining.  Its life-extending brushless motor design ensures that this fan lasts a lifetime of use. Its create no friction and turns on the fan motor without any wear. This fan’s motor make little to no noise.

  • Easy installation
  • Best value for money – helps you save thousands over time!
  • Produces little-to-no noise
  • Automatically switches power source – operates at nights
  • Its Humidistat and Thermostat allow it to automatically fight Moisture or Heat based on its readings!
  • Includes ALL the necessary hardware
  • Fan direction cannot be reversed


ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan – Foldable solar panel

What we like about it?

ECO-WORTHY offers solar powered ventilation fan with foldable solar panel. This solar attic fan is highly efficient in low light condition by working automatically at low voltage. It offers 4V to operate, which is minimum. Which enables you to get great ventilation even on cloudy days.

This solar powered attic fan is ready to use for attics, shed, home, RV, garage or shed.  Upon delivery you will find the solar roof vent fan with a pre-installed 8-inch solar cable with quick-connector, and the solar panel with 16 feet solar cable, which lets you to easily install it with the quick-connect wires. It could be installed in the gable vent or anywhere in the attic.

This solar powered gable vent fan cools down the roof and reduces load on the air conditions and helps you save a big amount on your utility bills.

The materials of the high volume solar attic ventilator is built with heavy duty stainless steel. The heavy duty steel shell is covered with anti-rust black paint.  The tolerances of the solar vent fan are pretty tight, and it runs reasonably quietly.

  • Easy to install – waterproof two-pin connector with built-in alignment point
  • Light weight
  • Best value for money
  • Good stability and safe to use
  • Does not have a place to plug in thermostat – need to purchase seperately


Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-Powered Attic – Budget friendly

What we like about it

Upgrade your homes with Broan’s solar powered ventilation fan to save big on your electricity bills. This solar roof ventilation fan features a 28-watt solar panel that captures sunlight to efficiently convert it into electric power, It keeps your attic cool and dry all day long at a maximum 537 CFM.

This solar attic fan has 12” diameter, one-piece aluminum 5-blade fan pitched for maximum air flow to keep your living area cooler, extend the life of your air conditioner and save energy and money. Its low-profile, integrated design creates an attractive, unobtrusive addition to your roof without the need for props or pivoting stands.

Broan offers housing for the fan, constructed of UV-stabilized ABS plastic, and rugged, tempered glass solar panel withstands large hail and won’t delaminate or fade over time due to weather.

Its installation is quick and easy with the compact base footprint allowing for fewer shingles to be cut and housing frame including positive stops to “seat” the dome. This unit includes stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel brackets for durability and corrosion resistance, and aluminum, heavy-gauge screen to keep out insects, animals or birds without impeding airflow.

It offers optional thermostat which is easy to install. It disables the motor when the temperature dips below 50-degrees, to extend motor life; recommended for climates where cold weather condensation isn’t a concern. It helps Saving energy, because its solar cells are highly efficient at capturing the sun’s energy, there is no need for unsightly raised panels or tracking systems.

  • Easy to install
  • Best value for money
  • Saves high on electricity bills
  • No needs for props or pivoting stands
  • Requires no additional electricty
  • 28-watt solar panel that captures sunlight from dawn to dusk
  • Not recommend using this fan in a small space

4 SEASONS Solar Powered Polycarbonate Vent

What we like about it?

The 4 seasons solar vents are designed and built for sloped shingled roof applications. This solar power roof vent works by using sun energy to power the fan that pulls excess heat, moisture and humidity out of the attic. This best solar attic fan promotes healthy air circulation. This fan can operate from dawn to dusk. This solar vent fan for roof is similar to traditional solar roof attic fans and operates as same as they do after the sun-down. 4 Seasons solar vent fan has a brushless motor which creates little to no noise. Its mesh screen protects from animals and insects.

  • Its mesh screen protects from animals and insects
  • It has weather resistance against hailing
  • It creates little to no noise
  • Cools up to 500 square meter space
  • Does not require additional wiring or electrical hookup
  • Works even without direct sunshine
  • Made of plastic – may be not liked by some people

Amtrak Solar Powerful Attic Exhaust Fan

What we like about it?

It is one of the best solar powered attic fans, which is a 12-volt DC fan that can work with a solar panel from 40 watts to 100 watts. This is very powerful solar power vent fan in terms of airflow, sound intensity, vibration and efficiency. Quite suitable for solar application.

It works GREAT with 100W, (~)12V panel but will work with much smaller panels too.  It does the job nicely and will fulfill a multitude of diverse applications. The dimension of the fan are: 12″ x 12″ x 3″. This fan can be installed in an opening such as a gable vent and can work as solar powered gable vent fan. This fan comes with 4 mounting tabs to install the fan and can easily be installed.

  • Can be used as push or pull fan
  • Easy to install
  • This fan is quiet
  • Durable and rust free – requires no maintenance
  • Solar panel needs to be purchased seperately


QuietCool 40 Watt Solar Powered Gable Mount Attic Fan

What we like about it?

Quiet Cool Solar Attic Fans are the best in the industry. This solar powered gable vent fan features a 40 watt solar panel, a preset thermostat, an ultra-energy efficient DC motor, a heavy duty steel housing, and an included AC/DC inverter. These best solar attic fans work by using sunlight to power the fan’s motor to help prevent any heat or moisture build up in your attic.

Your attic can reach temperatures of up to 150 ºF which can destroy the integrity of your home as well as completely destroy your roof because of the humidity and moisture build up. Because of this, solar attic fans are capable of prolonging the life of your roof structure and air conditioning while helping you save up to 30% on air conditioning costs.

With a Quiet Cool solar powered  gable vent fan, you also get the benefit of an included AC/DC inverter. This allows the fan to run 24/7. When there is sunlight outside, the fan will run only on solar power being powered by the large solar panel on the fan. When there is night, the fan will switch to AC power and continue to run throughout the night. This allows you to take advantage of cooling your attic during the coolest part of the day.

Simply mount the fan to your gable vent using the adjustable mounting tabs, mount the solar panel on the side of your home or on the roof, and plug in the inverter to enjoy 24/7 cooling and ventilation in your attic.

  • Easy installation – simply plug and play
  • Keeps attic within 10 degrees of outside temperature
  • Brushless DC motors are a revolutionary benefit that lets our fans push more without using more
  • It is really quite
  • Could be a little heavy on pockets

Solar RoofBlaster  Attic Fan with Galvanized Vent

What we like about it?

It is another best solar powered attic fan that vetilates your home’s attic, shed or even a garage. This solar attic vent fan helps remove hot, moist air faster than a passive vent alone. It improves your living space by removing the hot, oven-like temperatures in a home’s attic.

The Solar Mega RoofBlaster Attic Ventilation Fan takes a industry-standard, metal, passive roof vent and boosts its effectiveness as an exhaust vent by adding a larger 5W solar panel and larger 2600rpm/96cfm fan. The quicker you can uniformly exhaust all of the hot, moist air out of your attic or shed, the better it is for the life of your roof and the health of you and your home.

  • Helps promotes uniform air movement throughout the vented space

  • Helps prevent moist wood that can lead to rot

  • Prevents tools from rusting in sheds and garages because moist air is being removed
  • Easily installation (install it just like any other roof vent)
  • There is no thermostat with this solar fan

GBGS Solar Powered Exhaust Fan – With AC Power Backup

What we like about it?

The last on our list is this best solar powered exhuast fan with AC back up. In this solar powered fan, a smart power controller is included to allow automatic switching of the powe supply between solar panel and AC/DC power adapter.

The solar power for this fan works when solar energy is equal and greater than 14V. However, solar + electric  power works together when solar energy is greater than 0 but less than14V. The electric power works when solar energy is 0V. This Solar Fan even works on rainy days.

This  solar fan has quite and waterproof brushless DC motor and seven 14inches nylon-fiber-aluminum blades, galvanization steel housing and mounting frame, solar wall exhaust fans can be assembled together.

This best solar powered attic fan has horizontally & vertically (0/30/35 degree) adjustable panels. You can make sure the sun is directly opposite the solar panel. Besides, the panel could be remote mounted.

  • 2 Ways Power Supply
  • Quite and waterproof brushless DC motor
  • Adjustable solar panels, so that you can ensure that the sun is directly opposite to the panels
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Long power cable enable you to flexibly install the solar exhaust fan.
  • The panel could be remote mounted
  • Does not offer humidistat control for this model
  • The second solar panel cannot be added to capture the sun in the afternoon


Selecting a best solar powered attic fan – an Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

By now, you have compared the 10 best solar powered attic fans available in the market. It is the right time to consider the which one is best according to your home requirements. That said, your home structure, layout and style will determine, which solar attic fan will be appropriate for your home.

In market, there are three styles of solar powered attic fans available.

Roof- mount solar powered attic fans

  • Powerful and efficient
  • Roof-mounted models are among the best solar powered attic fans available in the market
  • They get the most exposure to sunlight – which makes them efficient
  • The long-term cost savings associated with this model may also offset the upfront high installation cost
  • Complex installation process – which is time consuming
  • To work correctly, you may need to create a vent hole, installing the fan and seal the opening
  • You may need to hire a professional for installation – which drastically increases the costs


Gable-Mounted solar powered attic fans

  • Right choice if your house has a gable vent
  • Easy installation – attach the unit to your gable and plug it in
  • Convenient than installing a roof-mounted solar attic fan
  • Improves the attic ventilation
  • Gable-mounted designs are not as efficient as roof-mounted fans
  • Crucial to get the placement just right to maximize the unit’s exposure to the sun


Portable solar powered attic fans

  • Best option for those looking for versatility
  • Does not require any complex installation process to set up
  • You can set it up almost anywhere
  • Work great for ventilating attics
  • Perfect for sheds and RVs
  • Best for camping as it is portable
  • Portable solar fans aren’t as powerful as their gable-mounted or roof-mounted counterparts
  • Compromise ventilation quality for versatility


Few other factors to considers

Before buying solar powered attic fan, please consider the following factors, as they have great effects on the performance of a solar powered fan;

  • Ensure that the fan has sufficient power to ventilate your attic.
  • Check the fan’s venting capacity and compare it to the space size – the fan’s CFM will need to be 70% or more of your attic’s size in cubic feet.
  • Ensure that the fan is high in wattage – you may need several ventilating fan, if the fan selected is of low wattage or low venting capacity.
  • Ensure that the fan has humidistate, thermostat or remote control. Many models do not have that, so if you need all that, make sure, your desired model has those.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is solar or electric attic fan better?

Electric attic fans are more powerful and cheaper than solar attic fans, but they consume a lot of power, so proved to be heavy on our budgets. If you do choose to use an electric attic fan, consider one with a thermostat (an almost standard feature) and set it for 130ºF or above. This will reduce electricity consumption. However, solar powered attic fans are less powerful than an electric fan, but yes, they help save a lot on the electricity bills.

Are solar powered attic fans helpful?

Yes, they are. They really work. They will help to circulate air in your attic and ventilate the space so that it stays closer to the outside temperature and there stays less humidity in your attic.

Do solar attic fans create noise?

No, mostly they are quiet. But with many models, you may hear a slight hum.


By now, you may have selcted the best solar powered attic fans for your homes according to your home structure and requirements. In our recommendations, iLIVING HYBRID Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan is one of the best soloar powered attic fans in all the aspects mentioned above. Best of luck for your purchase.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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