Do Electric Fireplaces Produce Heat? The Chronicles of Electric Fireplaces

Do electric fireplaces produce heat, which is their actual buying purpose or they are only appealing to the eye? Due to the increasing risk of accidents by the traditional gas heaters as well as the dangers involved, electric heaters and fireplaces have started to replace them. They do not only look captivating but keep us cozy as well. They are budget friendly and more efficient at the same time.

What Exactly Are Electric Fireplaces?

An electric fireplace is a heating appliance, which gives off heat without any burning of resources or fossil fuels. It looks like a traditional gas or wooden fireplace but does not require any sort of maintenance. They are mostly made of plastic or metal and show a fake flame that is generated by different kinds of LED’s. The user can adjust the heat as well as the flame.

The Basic Question: Do Electric Fireplaces Produce Heat? If yes, then how?

Yes, an electric fireplace does produce heat. An electric heater or fireplace works just like an air conditioner, but the opposite of it. Approximately all electric fireplaces have heaters of power ranging between 1000 to 1500 watts. When you turn on the heat mode, the fans take in the cold or cooler air. The heating coils inside the fireplace heat up the cold air and push the, now warm, air out. You can adjust the settings and the temperature, as well as the flame, according to your likings. Electric fireplaces produce heat without producing any toxic gases or fumes. This way and the environment stays healthy.

Are Electric Fireplaces Zone Heaters or Do Electric Fireplaces Produce Heat to the Whole House?

does electric fireplace produce heat

The term ‘Zone Heater’ or ‘Zone Heating’ refers to an appliance that provides heat to a specific place where you want it. Electric fireplaces are indeed zone heaters. Since they are plug in appliances, most of them are portable. You can plug an electric fireplace in any socket with a power supply and enjoy the heat in a specific room or area.

This saves up a lot of your money and no unnecessary heat gets wasted. You get heat only where and when you need it. This saves up resources as well as your money.

Imagine having a centrally heated house. The other rooms or areas of the house will also be heated even if you do not need them to be. This means wastage of resources along with money.

How Much Heat Is Given Off by Electric Fireplaces?

There are no vents or chimneys in electric fireplaces hence all the heat produced is trapped inside. While on the other hand, approximately 80 percent of heat is lost in traditional fireplaces.

A standard electric fireplace takes an average of 4500 BTUs to produce heat. However, there are electric fireplaces that take even 5000 to 6000 BTUs of energy to produce heat. We have an amazing post on what is the highest BTU electric fireplace?

Since they are zone heaters, electric fireplaces provide heat to a specific area or room. A 1500 watts electric fireplace can heat up a medium sized room. It depends on the specifications of the make and model of any specific fireplace. As the model varies so does its specifications and abilities. Some electric fireplaces can also warm or heat a large or a bigger size room. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Fireplaces

Everything comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Comparing electric fireplaces with the traditional ones we came up with certain conclusions:

  • They are energy efficient. Electric fireplaces produce heat by using electricity which means that no vents are needed for dangerous gases to flow out and all the heat produced stays in, making them a 100 percent efficient.
  • First and foremost, there is no annoyance or inconvenience of managing an electric fireplace. No coal or soot. Neither any day-to-day maintenance.
  • No hassle of installation. Just plug in and relish the warmth in a cold weather.
  • They are safe, especially if you have children at your house. There is no real fire which means no danger lurks there.
  • No actual fire means no actual burning is taking place. Which means your house will stay free of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide. Making it a healthier environment for you to breathe in.
  • They look enthralling and can be used for decorative purposes. They put out heat and yet look pretty for a household appliance. New models of the fireplaces now come in three-dimensional displays which makes the flames look even more realistic.
  • They can be run with heat or without heat. Running without heat means you will only be able to see the flames and the fireplace will not give off heat. This means you get to cherish the flames without the heat, even in summers. Enjoy the ambiance.
  • They can be built in a wall or can be portable. In modern days, the electric fireplaces come with lots of different options. Almost everything we need is available in the market.
  • Some fireplaces come with a remote-control system. You can control the heat or the flames with just a click.

Electric fireplaces do not have any major disadvantages. It might not be suitable for households with not enough electricity, or varying voltage supplies as they run on electricity. It would be useless to buy an electric heater or a fireplace for a house which does not have a proper power supply.

Are Electric Fireplaces Cost Effective?

Electric fireplaces are cost effective without doubt! Since they run on electricity, the cost depends on the cost of the electricity in your region. They run on two modes which are ‘with heat’ and ‘without heat’. The cost of running the fireplace on a single mode is slightly lesser than running it on double. Although, there is no major difference in the total cost.

Places where electricity is a bit expensive will have to pay more and vice versa. Still the expense is not too much. Electric fireplaces do give off heat and are quite affordable.


Do electric fireplaces produce heat?

Yes, electric fireplaces produce heat.

Advancement in technology is taking place and lifestyle is evolving. So are our day to day needs and wants. Electric fireplaces have become extremely popular all over the world and carter our needs perfectly, as they produce heat and have multiple other benefits. They are comfortable and convenient. Also, there is a variety of different companies that are manufacturing them. You can definitely get something that fits your aesthetic as there are multiple options to choose from. Other than that, their efficiency makes them even more popular in today’s world. Electric fireplaces and heaters have almost replaced the traditional ones.

Would you consider buying an electric fireplace if you do not have it yet?

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