How To Measure For Electric Fireplace Insert?

Are you looking for a ventless fireplace that operates without any wood-burning hassle? But worried about how to measure for electric fireplace insert? Or how you’ll fit it in your existing opening. Don’t worry anymore because there is a complete fireplace measurement guide that will help you make accurate calculations regarding the fireplace insert’s dimensions.

Are you looking for a ventless fireplace that operates without any wood-burning hassle? But worried about how to measure for electric fireplace insert? Or how you’ll fit it in your existing opening. Don’t worry anymore because there is a complete fireplace measurement guide that will help you make accurate calculations regarding the fireplace insert’s dimensions.

Also, there are pro-tips for checking the compatibility of an electric fireplace insert with an opening in your house. The process is pretty simple and straightforward to understand. In short, you need to accurately measure the depth, height, and width from different perspectives using a measuring tape.

Also, do check out the type of fireplace insert you need before making the measurements. The reason is that dimensions are different in the case of plug-in and builder box. So, below is a detailed fireplace insert size guide.

How To Measure For Electric Fireplace Insert? Basic Steps

Before measuring the dimensions for an electric fireplace insert, keep in mind the two approaches. Choose that either you’ll recess the fireplace in the wall or install it in a stylish mantle. The measurements will be almost the same but differ only from the peAre you looking for a ventless fireplace that operates without any wood-burning hassle? But worried about how to measure for electric fireplace insert? Or how you’ll fit it in your existing opening. Don’t worry anymore because there is a complete fireplace measurement guide that will help you make accurate calculations regarding the fireplace insert’s dimensions.rspective of a way of installation.

Also, consider the type of electric fireplace insert you’re looking for. The dimensions of a builder box and plug-in insert are a bit different. Furthermore, analyzing the product dimensions and opening measurements are both crucial for accurate adjustment.

So, overall there is a complete guideline on how to measure an electric fireplace insert.

Step: 1 – Check The Product Dimensions

This is the most crucial aspect while measuring for an electric fireplace insert. Measuring the dimensions in the wrong way will lead to a hassle in the time of installation. Also, you may buy the faulty fireplace keeping in mind the wrong sizes.

For analyzing the correct measurements of your unit, you need to measure the width, height, and depth of the fireplace insert.

1. Width Of The Unit

First of all, take a measuring tape and check the width of the fireplace from different angles. Sometimes, the width at the front side and backside of the insert is different. So, must take account of it. Generally, the width at the back of the fireplace is usually less than the front one. So, check accordingly for the best recession.

Another point to notice while considering width is that always mark 1-2 inches less than the original measurement. The reason is that the opening can be broadened later, but if it’s dug in a comprehensive form, then there will be no chance left. Some inserts do come with a matching surround kit but be on the safe side and mark slightly less.

2. Height Of The Unit

After width, measure the height of an electric fireplace from the bottom to the top of the insert. This process is generally easy as you just need to take a measuring tape and analyze the front and back opening height of an electric fireplace.

Also, the height will remain the same for a square-shaped insert. But, there might be a difference in an arched angle fireplace height. So, check accordingly.

3. Depth Of The Unit

Now, it’s time to check the depth of the electric fireplace insert from the back to the front of the unit. A pro-tip for measuring is to check the center at various places for accurate results.

Use the measuring tape in the same way and analyze the depth as the way told above. Try to use the smallest measurements to prevent any hassle later.

While analyzing the dimensions, make sure to include both the front and back perspectives. Always measure from top to bottom, right to the left, and front to back for accurate adjustments.

If you’re buying from an online store, you must check the user manual or fireplace measurement guide to ensure the best results.

how to measure for electric fireplace insert

Step: 2 – Analyze Your Fireplace Opening Area

The second step while proceeding towards how to measure for electric fireplace insert is analyzing your opening area allocated for the fireplace. If you haven’t made any space beforehand, then it is great because you can make an opening according to the dimensions of the fireplace you buy.

But for an already made opening, analyze the following terms and compare them with your product dimensions. 

  1. Height of the opening
  2. Width of the opening (Both from inside and outside)
  3. Depth of the opening (At various angles)

If the opening is in symmetrical square form, then it will be so convenient to measure. Otherwise, for angular dimensions in different places, the process will be a bit tough.

Try to measure accordingly with a measuring tape and note it down on a paper. Here is a table that is given for your better understanding. Must fill the following terms on a form and cross-check them with the dimensions of your insert.

how to measure for electric fireplace insert

Step: 3 – Check The Location Of Outlet

After analyzing your product dimensions and opening area, now it’s time to locate the outlet. An electric fireplace insert can be installed anywhere in your home, but you need to consider that location of the outlet should be close to the insert.

The reason is that most of the fireplaces come with a 6ft cord for a plug-in unit. If the outlet is far, you may need a grounded extension cord, which will give a dirty look. The case of hard wiring is totally different, but it doesn’t impact the outlet.

In short, try to choose the best location for your unit and then measure the outlet’s area from your desired location. This step is not necessary but will be great for perfect and accurate results.

Step: 4 – Check Either It’ll Be Recessed Or Placed in Mantle.

There are two methods of adding an electric fireplace insert to your home, i.e., in-wall recessed or added in the mantle. So, it will also impact the dimension measurement of the fireplace. The in-wall recessed method will be the same as we described above.

A fireplace mantle is a stylish piece or kind of external accessory in which you can insert your fireplace for glorifying beauty. Sometimes, there are additional shelves and TV stands available for another décor. But, concerning measurement, the dimensions will be a bit different from the above-described way.

Step: 5 – Check The Dimensions Of Mantle

If you’re using a pre-made for your insert, you need to check that either the insert dimensions are compatible with the mantle opening or not. For Example, You need to check the dimensions of the mitered top, sides, attached fascia board, reinforcement, and mounting blocks.

Analyze them accurately and cross-check with your insert. Make sure that mantle side pieces are adequately glued, and components are securely attached to each other. If not, you can use a nail gun, and caulks should also be smooth for best results.

So, that was all about the fireplace insert size guide. We’ve explained to them concerning standard fireplace insert dimensions. But the opening and product dimensions can differ, and you can analyze accordingly.

Some Pro Tips On Measuring For Electric Fireplace Insert

So, you’ve got an idea of how to measure for an electric fireplace insert. But here are some pro-tips to ease down your process of analyzing the dimensions accurately. Follow them, and we guarantee the best results.

1. Cut Out The Template For Exact Size

Before starting the measuring process, we’d recommend you make a rough template of the area where you want to recess your electric fireplace. You can cut it out from a paper or create a proposed template on any hardboard for maintaining accuracy in the process.

If you’re building a few inches above the surface, you can try making an even recession in the wall to prevent any scratches on the unit. Analyze the area mantle and hearth properly, and you’re done.

2. Measure The Distance From Different Angles

Another essential aspect to consider is to measure the area and distance from different elements. Suppose you measure the height, and it’s different at the front as compared to the back. So, this may lead to hassles at the time of installing the electric fireplace insert.

Also, try to analyze the width, height, and depth from different perspectives for accurate measurement and try to make it as even as possible. As a result, the fireplace will easily insert in the opening.

3. Analyze The Area By Trim Panels

For a built-in fireplace, we’ll recommend the ones that move toward the top. The reason is that they’ll provide some extra space and will eliminate the need for measuring. Also, trim panels refer to the panels installed at the side after the installation process.

But we’ll suggest you keep them in mind before the buying and measuring process. Also, try to measure all the visible and exposed areas during the measurement. It will help you in easy positioning of your new fireplace.

Just follow these tips to ensure the accurate and proper measurement for your new electric fireplace insert. We hope that this fireplace insert size guide helps you in the measuring process.

And here is an overall picture of the article:

how to measure for electric fireplace insert


1. What size of electric fireplace do I need?

The size of the fireplace you need depends on the area of your room. You can try a standard-sized 23-inch fireplace for a small room that heats an area of about 400 square feet. For large spaces, you can try built-in electric fireplace inserts for more heat coverage.

It also depends on the style you need. You can choose from the freestanding, wall mount, recessed, fireplace TV stand, electric fireplace logs, plug-in fireplace insert, and many more options. So, check them all correctly and make your decision according to the size of your living space.

2. How do you fit an electric fireplace insert?

Fitting in an electric fireplace insert in a mantle or wall is a pretty process. Here are some steps to clear down your query.

  1. Choose a suitable location and make sure that the outlet is near the opening.
  2. Prepare your fireplace opening and frame for the insert.
  3. Place the unit gently into the void. You may require mounting brackets for accurate adjustment.
  4. In the mantle case, leave some space at the top and bottom for the proper fixture.
  5. Do not drag the insert in the cover or opening to prevent scratches.

3. Can you put an electric fireplace insert in a wood-burning fireplace?

Yes, you can place any built-in insert, plug-in insert, and electric log insert in an existing wood-burning fireplace. You’ll just need to compare the dimensions of the product you’re thinking of buying and your fireplace opening. If they are compatible, you’re good to go.

You can check the dimensions, i.e., height, width, and depth, using a measuring tape by the method mentioned above. Be conscious in the case of arched-edged inserts, as they are a bit different in dimensions.

Also, you won’t need the venting portion in case of the electric fireplace insert. Just check for the dimensions. If they are accurate, you can place your insert in any wood-burning fireplace.

4. Can I add an electric fireplace insert for an existing fireplace?

Yes, you can add an electric fireplace insert for an existing fireplace. You’re probably thinking of replacing your old fireplace unit. The thing to notice here is the same, i.e., the dimensions and measurements. You need to analyze the size of your opening and the new fireplace insert.

If both are fine and compatible, you can easily use a new insert. But try to buy the same type of insert as the previous one to prevent any connectivity issue.

5. Are fireplace inserts standard size?

No, there is no standard size fixed for a fireplace. But they can be divided based on their sizes and heating capacity.

For Example, a small-sized fireplace is meant for a mini room, a medium size for intermediate room size, and a large one for drawing rooms and storage areas.

Hence, there is no fixed standard size of insert. You need to buy a unit depending on the dimensions of the fireplace opening of your home. Also, you can take into account the heating capacity and ambiance of the unit.

Closing Remarks

So, while summing up the discussion, we would like to say that there is no need to panic about how to measure an electric fireplace insert? How the fireplace will fit in the existing insert? It’s a straightforward process, and you just need to measure the dimensions of the fireplace correctly.

You need to analyze the height, weight, and depth of your unit and opening area. Also, check the location of the outlet and your way of insertion. The plug-in insert is a bit convenient and affordable as compared to a builder box. So, we’ll recommend going with it. Furthermore, try to measure the dimensions from different angles, use the smallest measurement, and simply cut out a template for the best and accurate measurement results.

We hope that you’ve got the process and will follow it in the way described. Set it out properly and enjoy the warmth and calming ambiance in your room.

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