Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435 – Which one’s Best?

Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435

The Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435 is always a competitive and challenging comparison. You may also find it hard to compare these fan heaters because they are the same products.

Moreover, both the fan heaters come with some similarities and minor differences. Despite this, both the products are the best fan heaters out there.

The Lasko 6405 comes with an over-heating protection functionality. And, its simple to utilize controls makes it a great deal.

Whereas the Lasko 6435 consists of 3 quiet settings, and with its adjustable thermostat, you can adjust it to the desired thermal power

Similarly, we’ve created a list of core features and critical points for you. Just remember these when you plan to buy your next space heater.

We’ve also compared both the heaters, go through all these points to make sure which one is the perfect space heater according to your needs.

Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435-Common features

Common Features:

While looking at Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435 space heaters, you’ll get many standard features with both of these.

So, we’ve listed some essential features below;

Input Power

Both the space heaters consume 1500w of input power. And, it’s the best amount of input electric power you can expect in space heaters.


Whenever you want to buy an electrical appliance, it’s essential to ensure that it qualifies for all safety measures.

Since both of the space heaters are ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) listed. It guarantees that both of them have gone through strict safety tests.

Despite this, the Lasko 6405 and the Lasko 6435 also consist of in-built overheat protection. And a cool-touch exterior as well to provide the maximum level of protection to you.


Both the space heaters consist of three settings, which include low, high, plus Auto. Moreover, the PLUS Auto setting is also known as programmable thermostat control. 


To get the right out-of-the-box utility experience. The manufacturer factory assembled both the space heater to meet this requirement.

Cool Touch Exterior

These two best space heaters consist of a cool-touch exterior. The cool-touch exterior keeps the heater at an average degree temperature when you run one of them for a long time.

Moreover, the craftsmen add ceramic to the exterior part. It helps to save the body from burning if the heater gets too hot. And, the ceramic part also adds aesthetic vibes to home decor.

Lastly, you can consider one of these if you’ve toddlers or pets at your place, who may accidentally touch, and it’ll save damage.


Lasko 6405 Vs 6435

The Lasko 6405 and the Lasko 6435 consists of four control buttons with LED display indicators on the head. You can turn off or turn on the space heaters with the center button.

Similarly, there’s an OSC button, which controls the distribution of hot air throughout the room.

Apparently, you’ll also get a timer button and temperature control which ranges from 60º to 85º.

The Stand

While having too many similarities, both heaters also come with an astonishing designed, natural colored iron holder. This stand provides constant stability to the heater.

Similarly, while having this stand, your heater will look more like an art piece rather than a thermostat device.

Brand Warranty:

Since, both the product belongs to the same manufacturer, they both come with a 3-year guarantee on labor and parts.

Main Differences:


You may find it hard to differentiate between Lasko 6405 and the Lasko 6435 from the images. Both of these have a natural design like an art piece, and they’ll also add sprinkles to your home decor.

Meanwhile, the brand also gives an option of choosing the color from gold and beige.


Lasko 6405

Lasko 6435

Technical Specifications

The total weight of the Lasko 6405 is 6.5 pounds, and its overall dimensions are 10” x 10” x 16” (L x W x H).

The Lasko 6435 is slightly bigger and heavier than the 6405 model. Its total weight is 7.9 pounds, and its full dimensions are 8.25” x 8.25” x 16.05” (L x W x H).

Remote Control

Lasko 6435

Lasko 6435 Remote Control

You’ll get a remote control with the Lasko 6435, which allows you to turn it on. Moreover, you can control the heater within a suitable range.

Meanwhile, the remote also provides flexibility in changing the temperature settings, turn the unit off and on, and revert the oscillation system.

You can take advantage of this addition when you might in bed or sitting near your desk handling the workflow, and you don’t want to change your position to turn on the heater.

As previously explained, the remote works well in a suitable range. But it’s not a 360º remote. So, it would be best if you pointed it to the heater to get the full advantage.

Lasko 6405

The 6405 space heater does come with the same settings and controls. But, you won’t get remote control capabilities with it. Thus, you’ve to press the power buttons if you want to enjoy its services.

3 Noise Control Settings

Lasko 6435

The Lasko model 6435 comes with three extra noise control settings. Further, the settings include low, medium, and high noise levels.

Low or the quietest setting ensures a noise level equals no noise. It comes in handy while you’re talking with someone or having a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, you can use the medium settings when you or your family members are awake and busy doing their stuff.

At last, you can consider the loudest settings when there is too much noise around you. For example, you’re sitting in your T.V lounge or similar places where noise can’t disturb you.

Generally speaking, we recommend a noise level that doesn’t disturb you while enjoying your life.

Lasko 6405

Comparatively, the manufacturer doesn’t include these noise controls in model 6405. And, you or your family members may experience some disturbance with its noise.

Price Point

You have read all the similarities and differences in both the space heater models, and you may now think of the prices.

However, both the models are slightly different from each other; it doesn’t mean that there is a big jump in prices.

In the meantime, the extra added always create a doubt about the additional charges or increase in price. But that’s not the case here. In fact, you’ll get both the heaters at the same price point.

However, both the heaters have the same price. But, the Lasko 6435 has an advantage over the Lasko 6405. So, why won’t you consider buying a more efficient and excellent space heater in the same price bracket?

Differences between Lasko 6405 and Lasko 6435:

Lasko 6405

Lasko 6435

The Lasko 6405 doesn’t consist of remote control.

The Lasko 6435 does consists of remote control, so you can operate it while sitting at a certain distance

The Lasko 6405 includes two quiet settings.

The Lasko 6435 comes with three heat control settings.


  • The manufacturer kept a beautiful and attractive design in both of the space heaters.
  • Both of these consist of an in-built timer for up to seven hours.
  • Both the models come with LED displays.
  • The brand ensures an over-heating protection system in both of these space heaters.
  • The craftsmen kept a cool-touch exterior in both models.
  • You can easily control both of these with their easy-to-maintain functionality.


Pros & Cons of Lasko 6405

  • Lightweight and portable – you can travel easily with it.
  • Doesn’t consume too much electricity.
  • It’ll come handy in freezing temperature with its great heating features.
  • Available in different colors.
  • The cord gets too hot resulting in melting the metallic parts.

Pros & Cons of Lasko 6435

  • Comes with 3 noise control settings.
  • You won’t notice a big change in your electricity bill, even if you use it on the higher setting.
  • The low noise feature is equal to no noise.
  • Powerful.
  • Some customers experienced heating issues.
  • Can catch fire if heats too much.


Besides defeating the cold temperature, we know that the main reason for buying the model 6405 or 6435 is because of their unique and astonishing design.

Both the heaters in both the colors add the same amount of style and aesthetic look to the home decor.

However, both the hearts have the same power of heating. But you can consider the Lasko 6405 for smaller areas.

Similarly, we also felt disappointed after reading the customer reviews that they faced issues of overheating. To overcome this issue, the brand should include an automatic turn-off feature when it gets too hot.

One more thing, we think that we completed the topic Lasko 6405 vs Lasko 6435 with perfection. We recommend getting the Lasko 6435 because it comes with all the features at the same price, so why don’t you get more features more cost-effectively. Lastly, the ultimate choice is yours. Whether you select model 6405 or 6435, we wish you to take full advantage of these. And, thanks for reading up till the end. Happy heating!

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