Top 10 Modern Gas Fireplaces To Buy in 2022

In the winter, when everyone is huddled under thick blankets, a roaring fire is the best thing to come along. This all can happen if you have best modern gas fireplace. It heats up your entire house and warms you up like you’ve never known before.

Modern gas fireplaces make your house cozy and provide an extra source of warmth being making it a perfect solution.

These are called modern, because they burn gas, and produce real looking flames. They are low at maintenance and heat the room quickly with their efficient heat output making them environment friendly.

If you are like us, you will surely looking to buy the best gas fireplace for your home. Then, also like us, you will need to consider several factors which are as follows:

  • Ventilation
  • Location to fit in
  • BTU rating
  • Safety features and
  • Flame control

When I was buying one gas fireplace for my home, I came to know that there are three types of modern gas fireplaces.

  • Fireplace inserts – a perfect choice for people renovating or constructing their homes for the first time.
  • Gas logs insert – easily installable in an old wooden fireplace.
  • Freestanding gas stove – can be assembled and placed virtually anywhere you want without the need for a hole in the wall.

We have compiled a list of Top 10 modern gas fireplaces to buy in 2021. You can call them best modern gas fireplaces for heating.

Our Top Picks

Top 10 Modern Gas Fireplaces

Duluth Forge – Vent Free Gas Fireplace

modern gas fireplaces

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a cool evening in your home with this stylish and convenient heater. Wired for remote control, you can easily choose the setting you prefer. Whether you want to set a romantic mood or warm up a room by the fire, this fireplace allows for complete control over the heat. Patented dual fuel technology means you can use both natural gas or propane as needed. It’s the perfect combination of style and durability. This fireplace comes in nine cool colours, but the Autumn Spice finish blends in well with other wood furniture and decorating themes.

A stylish addition to your home, this fireplace offers dramatic design elements and a convenient top-of-the-range fire safety rating. The expansive opening is designed to allow for easy access to the fire or your favourite decoration. While the high-grade ceramic fiber logs generate a realistic flame, their efficient design allows them to burn for over an hour. Standing at 44 inches tall, this stunning feature is sure to impress.

The dual burner is also made of ceramic fiber so you can enjoy other features without compromising on heat retention. The heated screen doors create a striking look with their elegant curved design and vibrant colour accents.

The Duluth Forge Vent Free Heater is ideal for heating spaces up to 1,500 square feet. The heater’s powerful 32,000 BTU output can heat up to 1,500 square feet with no additional ventilation required. With the push-button ignition system and built-in pilot oxygen depletion sensor, the heater shuts down if carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen is detected. The heater’s Piezo ignition automatically turns on when the temperature sensor detects that outdoor air has cooled below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermostatically controlled fan automatically maintains a constant temperature setting.

Product comes well packed to protect it from damage. Also, customer get free 1 year Limited warranty.

  • 9 beautiful colors
  • 6 realistic hand painted Ceramic Fiber Logs
  • Safety assured
  • Furniture grade finish
  • Costly – may be heavy on pockets of many of us.


Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Natural Gas Burning Fireplace with Intellifire Ignition

modern gas fireplaces

Majestic Natural Gas Fireplace is a direct vent model, which means it doesn’t require a chimney for the vent. This fireplace has a natural gas stove and is equipped with a convenient remote that allows users to adjust the temperature through the included touchpad. It also has a metal firebox and heat exchanger that helps to ensure this fireplace provides consistent and even heating throughout the year. The fireplace also features decorative wood trim around the doors which further define its elegant design.

The Majestic Quartz produces from 15,000 to 24,000 BTU’s and includes eight ceramic fiber logs which give your fire an elegant, timeless look.

This fireplace uses direct vent technology, which removes 100% of combustion exhaust from your space.

  • Easy installation
  • Intellifire ignition system is a plus
  • Customizable
  • Holds battery backup
  • Not suitable for large spaces
  • Costly

Empire Comfort Systems Boulevard – Natural Gas

modern gas fireplaces

The stylish and versatile design makes this Linear Fireplace a great addition to your family room or home theatre. The linear design is popular in European homes because it fits in with traditional architecture, but also offers more flexibility. The custom-designed fireplace can be cut to any shape and size to fit your wall space perfectly. The elegant chrome plated finish is sure to look great in any home. This modern fireplace will add warmth and style to your living space.

This vent-free system is equipped with a state-of-art safety pilot system to turn off gas to the system if the flame is extinguished, plus an Oxygen Depletion Sensor to continuously monitor CO2 levels. If CO2 levels rise above the setpoint, an automatic shut-off prevents fire from re-igniting.

The system is designed to be installed on a concrete wall in a straight line as an exterior fireplace. The fireplace has a direct vent. This fireplace will not operate while the system is assembled, but will operate as soon as the system is installed and the batteries are installed.

The system ships with an optional TV remote, a switch to remote control the thermostat, and two remote control wall thermostats. An optional energy monitor may also be purchased allowing you to monitor your heating and air conditioning costs. The package Includes Non-Combustible Board (for full or partially recessed installation), On-Off Wall Switch with 10-ft Extension Wire, Battery Back-Up with 10-ft Extension Wire and Fine Mesh Barrier Screen.

  • Vent free.
  • Battery back-up switch to standing pilot to operate during power outages.
  • Includes non-combustible board.
  • Has a state-of-art safety pilot system.
  • Requires a Cabinet Wrap (DCSL30BL) and Decorative Front – need to purchase separately.
  • Costly.

Pleasant Hearth Full Size Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace System

modern gas fireplaces

A great addition to any home, this fireplace should be an important consideration for any buyer. Not only does it provide versatile heating that is perfect for both small and large rooms, it also provides the warmth of a gas fire. The heritage finish on this unit is simple yet sleek, perfectly complemented by the sleek glass on all sides. This unit is completely gas-fired and can heat up to 1,100 square feet.

This fireplace is simple to operate and maintain with the remote thermostat control that allows you ever-changing temperature options or one preset temperature. The unit has two burners for greater heat output, and a dual row of flames to give you more options for placement. And the low-maintenance electric ignition makes it an easy choice for any modern home design. This fireplace is also fully insulated to keep heat inside the home as well as reduce noise. This makes it a great choice for renters or anyone who simply prefers to keep their house heat at a lower level.

  • Easier installation.
  • Remote control works programmable thermostat where the temperature is read from the location of the actual remote control.
  • Does not require flue or chimney.
  • Costly.
  • Need to purchase the blower separately.
  • Cannot be wired to a wall thermostat.

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set With Vented Burner and Gas Connection Kit. Match Lit (Natural Gas Only)

modern gas fireplaces

Real Fyre 24 inch Live Oak Log Set with Vented Burner is a great way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are meticulously hand painted to recreate the look of natural wood. You can feel the warmth of real wood while enjoying the beauty of your home or cabin.

You can even decorate the logs to match your existing decor. This log set is made from live oak logs so it has a unique look that no artificial log can match. Some logs come with a burner, but this set has an optional vented burner that takes the heat and creates a 180 degree difference in temperature and allows for more even heat distribution. Gas logs are beautifully constructed using superior refractory ceramic logs reinforced with steel rods for greater integrity.

Perfect for setting the mood for a cozy, warm, and family friendly atmosphere. Gas logs are perfect for any indoor space that needs a little extra warming and ambiance. Fire up this set to create an inviting atmosphere. The sturdy construction of these decorative logs is a great complement to any room, but ideal for family rooms. Gas logs are safe to use indoors. This burner features real fyre gas that helps condition the air in your home and creates a healthy environment for all of your indoor environments.

The flexible gas line connection makes installation simple. This log set includes a year’s warranty on parts and workmanship.

  • Easy installation.
  • Vented burner available.
  • Gas connection kit included.
  • Safety valve not included, need to purchase separately.
  • Expensive one

Pleasant Hearth 20,000 BTU 23.5 in. Compact Gas vent free stove

modern gas fireplaces

Safe, efficient, and stylish. The Pleasant Hearth compact gas vent free stove is the perfect choice to bring style and warmth into any home and even kitchen.

This stove is designed to keep your home or cabin cozy throughout the winter months. With 20,000 BTU‘s/hr, it heats up to 700 sq. ft. Ideal for home use or commercial applications. Not only will this unit heat up your entire room, but it has dual fuel technology which allows it to easily switch from gas to propane. The controls allow you to regulate the temperature of the room to your liking.

This stove has a dual burner system which provides a stylish look while keeping your home warm with two rows of flames for a more full looking fire. The controls can be used to regulate the temperature of the room and you can adjust how much heat each burner produces. Separate blower is designed to keep noise level down while providing plenty of powerful heat which you will enjoy year round. Bring style and warmth into your home with this unique and fashionable compact stove.

  • Can be operated with propane or natural gas.
  • Dual burner.
  • Easier installation almost everywhere – thanks to minimum clearance design.
  • Two years warranty.
  • No remote control available.
  • Blower needs to be purchased separately.

Napoleon Grandville Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace with Millivolt Ignition 

modern gas fireplaces

Napoleon GVF36 vent-free Gas Fireplace is one of best vent-free fireplaces on the market. This gorgeous piece of furniture turns on and off at the flick of a switch. All you have to do is flick the switch to turn it on. Space saving and modern, this fireplace can be placed in the living room or any other room without taking up too much space.

The Napoleon Grandville offers a dual fuel feature, with 50% heat and flame adjustment. The flames actually burn through the oxygen depletion sensor so that it turns off periodically by itself. Safety features include ionization shut-off, a safety screen, and a safety pilot light. This fireplace even comes complete with a phazer log kit that creates an authentic-looking wood burn look.

The complete package fireplace screen, hood, millivolt remote control valve with built-in adjustable flame/heat control, dual receptacle junction box, double flame burner, oxygen depletion sensor (ods), piezo ignitor, exclusive phazer glowing log set, 20 foot. wire. However, Louver kit and Trim kit are sold separately.

  • Includes a safety screen.
  • On/off switch to shut it immediately.
  • Oxygen depletion sensors are a plus.
  • Heavy and bulky.
  • Louver kit and Trim kit are sold separately.

Pleasant Hearth 30,000 BTU 32-Inch Intermediate Gas vent free stove

modern gas fireplaces

A perfect replacement for your current fireplace is this from the collection of modern gas fireplaces, this free-standing unit has a built-in thermostat that provides maximum heat and temperature control. A dual fuel technology provides a variety of fire options (LP or Natural Gas).

This is an intermediate gas-heat stove with up to 30,000 BTU of heat output. The unit’s 1000 sq. ft. of covered space offers additional safety for small areas and is ideal for smaller rooms.

The black surface highlights the stove’s modern appearance and brings elegance into your living room décor. The efficient design and ease of use ensure you’ll get the most out of your wood burning fireplace while saving you money on heating costs. The unit is made of cold rolled steel for durability in any environment and resists nicks and scratches.

  • Duel fuel technology.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Vent-free.
  • Noisy
  • Accessories are to be purchased separately.

Millivolt Linear Vent-Free LP Fireplace- Lights & Glass Pebbles

modern gas fireplaces

This stylish linear vent-free fireplace is available in a choice of colors. The contemporary design and attractive yellow dancing flames provide you with a stylish centerpiece for any room. If you’re looking for a sophisticated accent to complement your living room, this is the perfect choice for an elegant look. It is designed with a clear glass panel front which allows the true beauty of the flames to shine through.

It has an Efficient Vent-Free system that eliminates the need for chimney or venting so there are no air leaks that can lead to over-heating and unwanted creosote buildup. This fireplace features six flame settings for precise heat control. With this fire, you’ll be able to enjoy what’s most important – great flames, great heat and great looks. Enjoy the warmth of the flame in cooler temperatures with the 37,000 BTU of heating power. It also features an electronic ignition with battery backup to operate in the event of a power outage.

  • No chimney required.
  • Comes up with remote control.
  • Five year warranty – which is great.
  • The conversion kit is purchased separately.
  • The lighting kit is purchased separately.

ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove-25,000 BTU

modern gas fireplaces

ProCom® dual fuel heaters are a stylish choice that is sure to impress. This modern design is crafted with high quality stainless steel, and offers a beautiful stainless steel burner. The thermostatically controlled burner helps to maximize efficiency and the sleek look of the design. Choose  this from other best gas fireplaces for heating for your home with these stylish features. This stove is designed to bring you the power you need when you need it.

Automatic shut off timer helps to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Yet another one from the collection of modern gas fireplaces.

The Vent Free technology eliminates any chance of carbon monoxide build up. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Its piezo ignition ignites the pilot flame every time without using any more gas. It also features a built-in thermostat control which controls the power of the pilot flame and maintains the temperature of the burners.

Enjoy the convenience of modern dual fuel technology without the mess of a traditional wood fired heater. With this ventless gas-fired freestanding model, you don’t have to worry about stoking up your home fireplace or chimney. This fireplace fits perfectly where a conventional wood-burning fireplace would be placed.

  • Duel fuel technology.
  • Does not need a chimney.
  • Easy installation.
  • Built-in Thermostat Control offers automatically cycle the stove heater on and off to maintain a desired room temperature.
  • 99. 9% efficient with Vent Free gas burner.
  • Purchase the blower separately.
  • May not operate well at elevations above 4,500 feet.


Selecting the best and modern gas fireplaces for your homes can be a daunting task. We have made this task easier for you by researching and selecting the Top 10 best gas fireplaces for you.

Once you have selected the right fireplace suited for you, you will have no problems using it as all the above models are easy to assemble, install, and use.

A modern gas fireplace is a perfect addition to your living space because it not only warms up the area but also adds beauty and elegance to your house.

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