Why Amazon?

When I first began looking at home security and thinking why amazon to select, I examined the offerings from several vendors.

There were the obvious three; Apple, Google, and Amazon.  Then there were other contenders like simplisafe.


apple homekit
Source: Google

Apple HomeKit is basically the smart home offering by Apple.  One nice thing about Apple is that when they finally decide on a product, they put their entire weight behind it; iPod, iPhone, Macbook – these products all still exist today. 

Apple homekit
Source: Google

Apple is also known for creating beautiful, expensive, and simply designed hardware.  But although they have a few camera offerings, they are a little anemic.  To the extent that HomeKit integrates with security systems, they are offered through third parties like ADT.


Source: Google

Google has the “Google Assistant” smart home ecosystem.  Google purchased Nest several years ago. Nest Secure is a decent alarm system.

Source: Amazon

But as a company, Google has a habit of trying many things and giving the ax to underperforming market segments (e.g. Google Plus).   Google is also primarily a software company, and where they offer hardware (e.g. the Titan key), it tends to be somewhat underwhelming when compared to hardware vendors (e.g. Yubikey).  The Nest learning thermostat is clearly a winner in the space, so it’s not universally true, but I think it’s true more often than Google would like.  Some reviews I found online suggested that the nest secure system was decent for a small apartment but not very expandable.


Amazon – But why amazon?

Source: Google

Amazon seems to be the strongest player in this space.  Amazon is in the business of shipping atoms, not bits.  Amazon manufactures a lot of items in their marketplace.  And crucially, security cameras are an important part of Amazon’s business model, because porch pirates steal customer’s packages from their porch, and so Amazon ends up with unhappy customers unless they also support video cameras and other deterrents to theft.  Amazon has launched their Neighbors program, which lets people share videos of thieves with their neighbors.  They also briefly advanced use of their facial recognition technology to police departments, but backed off later. The also have tested the waters for their face recognition and license plate recognition features in cameras.  They have partnered with 2000 fire and police departments to fight crime, and have partnerships with police departments in 48 out of 50 states.  Whether you think this is scary or finally a welcome solution to thefts, it’s clear that Amazon is whole-heartedly on the side of the owner of the property, so when it comes to your property, this seems like the best solution.

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